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Uranus in Cancer

Freedom From Tradition

Kelli Fox

You were determined at an early age to do your life differently than your parents, not least in the relationship department. You could see right through the false spots in their union, and resolved to yourself that you would not make the same mistakes. Nope, you'd make totally different mistakes in your relationships!

And now, you've got enough decades under your belt so you've got a good idea about what those mistakes were.So now, you've got more freedom, and being in your fifties, you're still working on bucking tradition and forging your own path. You might have an unusual, nontraditional household in terms of who lives there or what goes on there. You may prefer not to cohabitate with your significant other. There are all sorts of ways to free yourself from the traditions that your ancestors followed. Be mindful not to throw out all your family rituals, though, because the next generation may not be as unconventional as you are!

Uranus in Cancer in the Natal Chart

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