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Sun unaspected

It's All About You

Kelli Fox

Well, you're special, aren't you! And you've always felt that way -- a little different, a little above the crowd. No wonder, for you've got a very independent spirit, plenty of self-confidence and a way of knowing that your path may be a somewhat solitary one.

What you've developed, anything you've earned, has been from your own efforts. And relationships? Well, they're not on the front burner, let's put it that way. Which doesn't mean that you won't have them, but they won't be the centerpiece of your life. You've got far too much to do to slow yourself down with the sacrifices that relationships demand. You may even have problems connecting with others. You don't have the patience to explain yourself, and frankly, you're not that interested in spending a lot of effort getting to know anyone else on a deep level. If you accept yourself completely, you'll have a better chance of hooking up with others. It's all up to you.

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