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Sun square Uranus

Your Inner Weirdo

Kelli Fox

Every time it happens, you get that sick feeling in your gut again, don't you? Another lover slips away, cuts out, loses interest in you. You might even have investigated for signs of infidelity -- you know, going through pockets, calling them at odd times hoping you won't find out something underhanded's been going on.

But you knew the outcome before you started, didn't you? It's the same ol', same ol.' You always choose inconstant lovers who keep you on your toes, probably because at some level you don't want to find someone who will really hang around and challenge you. But buck up. All is not lost. You can still pull this thing out, depending on your willingness to bite a few bullets. You won't ever find a relationship full of ease and contentment, but you can still have something lasting -- not to mention a lusty connection so hot that it makes up for a great number of deficiencies. Exercise your need for freedom in relationships so others don't do it for you. Inject some innovation into your relationships to divert your restless energy. Choose someone as unusual as you are and enjoy the ride.

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