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Sun square Pluto

Power Plays

Kelli Fox

Power corrupts, or so they say, and this pretty much explains your relationship history heretofore. Every affair seems to leave you feeling possessive and ill-tempered. Oh, you can't resist them when they're powerful, magnetic and impressive.

You use your vibrant, confident sparkle to capture them, and then bask in the reflected glory of your trophy lover. You love it when heads turn as you walk into the room with that special someone on your arm. Truly you can be half of a power couple, a pair others envy. But behind the scenes, all is not so sweet. Both you and your lovers tend to be imperious, fractious and spiteful. Worse, your usual confidence has been shaken by betrayal and manipulation. You can't seem to get your mojo working; you feel out-of-sorts and angry much of the time. The secret to managing difficult love affairs -- which seems to be your lot in life -- is to exhibit a little more patience, and a lot more equanimity. Your partners wouldn't need to pull away if you weren't demanding so much reassurance. And you wouldn't be attracting such powerful partners if you weren't pretty darn powerful yourself.

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