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Sun square Neptune

Illusions of Love

Kelli Fox

You find love difficult to grab onto, do you not? There have been lovers you managed to wrap around your little finger, blessed as you are with a magnetism and the spooky capacity to see directly into their hearts. But this is not ultimately satisfying.

You see them but they don't see you. You can't seem to understand your partners; it's like you don't speak the same language. They find you hard to pin down and soon they simply evaporate. Your phone stops ringing and you find yourself spending more time at home alone, waiting for something to happen. These are sure signals that another relationship has bitten the dust.It's time to take a good hard look at your illusions of love. You choose lovers who are creative and sweet, tender and dreamy, and then expect them to have a fiery drive to match your own. You blithely ignore the red flags waving wildly in your head: Your brain may be trying to tell you something that your heart is not willing to hear. You can avoid further slaps upside the head by getting a lot more clear about what you want and sticking to the plan. Set the alarm and wake up from the dreamland you've been inhabiting.

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