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Sun square Jupiter

Bigger than Life

Kelli Fox

It's lucky for you that you can laugh at yourself. That's a handy quality to have when you find yourself in those inevitable relational difficulties, which often take you completely by surprise. After all, you're generous to a fault, stately, wise and larger than life.

It's hard to believe such a wonderful person could ever have problems with partners! You can't see that you appear just a bit egotistic, or that there seems to be an ulterior motive as you charm your way into getting what you want. At other times, you work at cross purposes with yourself. Fate throws obstacles in your way, and you make choices that create chaos and friction. Your exuberance overcomes good sense and commandeers everyone's attention. You get annoyed too easily, impatient with anyone who doesn't see it your way. You can be self-centered, overconfident and so driven to meet the goals you've set that you lose sight of the big picture. And you know what? That big picture is important, because it helps you keep your perspective clear and your priorities straight. Experiences teach you to enjoy others as much as you enjoy yourself.

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