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Sun quincunx Pluto

Intensity Equals Discomfort

Kelli Fox

Your romance history isn't pretty. You've had a series of delicious attachments that have all collapsed. What happened?

Did you forgot the old maxim about the need to let the things you love roam free? Insecurity lead to jealousy, jealousy into attempts to control your partners, who had no intention of being controlled by you. Intense arguments flared, marked by middle-of-the-night discussions, slammed doors, raised voices. The good times faded to a distant memory. But take heart; all is not lost. What you need is a little balance and flexibility. You don't choose lovers you can wrap up in a tidy little box. No, you want your future partner to be passionate and powerful, someone you can admire but who probably won't be so easy to live with. So don't expect every aspect of your relationship to go just exactly as you'd like all the time. When your lover surprises you, it can be disconcerting, but with the right mindset it's also exhilarating. You'll never be bored, and that counts for a lot. Look for an intense connection, because without it your life will be a lot less interesting.

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