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Sun quincunx Neptune

The Dance of Love

Kelli Fox

Why, oh, why do you keep finding yourself in this place? You seem stuck on a dissatisfying treadmill. One affair after the next, it's the same old dance with a new partner.

You pull apart, come together, drift away, circle back. Aren't you tired of repeating the same patterns? The chief problem you have with your lovers is that you can't seem to find common ground. And it's true, often you don't have a lot in common; one is driven while the other is dreamy, one wants to stride through the world making big changes, while the other is more inclined to dawdle and drift.But why should you expect things to be any different when you're the architect of this awkwardness? You've been choosing lovers because of your differences, not in spite of them. Begin by looking for someone who has more in common with you. Then, be honest instead of expecting your new sweetie to be a mind reader. Force yourself to slow down a little, to appreciate the subtle and magical connection that is possible.

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