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Sun opposite Uranus

Finding Freedom in Love

Kelli Fox

Let's start with the bad news, shall we? Although it may seem that you want more from your relationships than your lovers do, the problem does not lie with them. You're always so very attracted at first blush, it's true; you choose lovers who possess an original point of view and a stylish way of doing things that never ceases to impresses you.

Every single time, you're charmed, dazzled, turned on your head. Passion sweeps you off your feet, and yet you rarely make it to the commitment stage. If they don't run away, you do. No matter how dazzling the connection, you choke at the idea of permanence, of fidelity, of restrictions to your precious freedom. Of course, if it was your ex who cut the ties, you think they were weak. You can't win for losing.If you want your partnerships to work, you simply have to adjust your ideas about freedom in relationships. It is possible, you know. You'd be bored in a conventional relationship, so don't expect your lover to be the cuddle-by-the-fire type. Instead, choose someone who is as unusual as you are and revel in a connection that's less constant, but more passionate. After all, who needs to snooze on a sofa when you can have long, hot sleepless nights instead?

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