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Sun opposite Mars

The Two Faces of You

Kelli Fox

You're something, all right -- vital and driven, passionate and forceful. You impress others from the beginning with your confidence, and as time goes by you remain no less conspicuous. The bad news?

All that energy is too often directed at tearing others down rather than building them up. You pick fights over things both large and small, determined to win at any cost. Your temper flares easily -- you may even have heard from friends or loved ones that being around you makes them nervous, because they never know when sparks will ignite. The answer is in accepting the polarities within yourself. You have many admirable attributes, including bountiful energy and a certain daring. But being of strong mind, you'll never be one to go along with the crowd. Though it's second nature to voice your opinions, try focusing on areas of agreement instead of points of contention. Figure out ways to offer compromises rather than issuing demands. And don't think of a compromise as losing the battle -- think of it as winning friends and influencing people. You'll soon discover that you can sing in harmony with another.

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