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Sun in Virgo

Those Pesky Imperfections

Kelli Fox

If there's one skill you have carefully honed, it's this: how to eliminate imperfections in your life. By now you've built up a fairly respectable heap of them, and no doubt there are a few ex-lovers stranded in there. They all had the same fatal flaw: They were human, and therefore imperfect.

Not only that, but your interactions with them showed your own flaws and defects, and that's something you'd far prefer not to look at. You're doing the best you can. Why doesn't anyone understand you?Chin up, Virgo. You've got lots of good to offer that special person who is able to measure up to your lengthy wish list. You're sincere, devoted and willing to serve. You'll stay humbly backstage while your partner gets all the glory. You quietly and efficiently handle all the mundane, practical details of your relationship, taking good care of your partner all the while. Perhaps if you turn a blind eye to their minor imperfections and focus on their positive qualities, just as you want them to focus on yours, you'll build a more successful and satisfying connection.

Sun in Virgo in the Natal Chart

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  1. Tamara Bispott on September 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    Love this information, more details plz

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