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Sun in Sagittarius

Bye Bye Birdie

Kelli Fox

You know the old saying: When the going gets tough, the Sadge gets going. Gee, maybe that's why you've got a whole string of former relationships on your resume; the minute any problems cropped up, you bailed, often running off with your latest foreign flame or to some far-flung country. Your intense need for freedom has severe commitment-phobic ramifications, and there's nothing like a little disagreement or misunderstanding to bring them to the fore.

Even when you stick around for the argument, you say such shocking things that your partner bails on you. 'There,' you say to yourself, 'it's on them now.'Don't shoot your arrow just yet. You've got yourself convinced that you can't have both a lover and the freedom you crave, but you're not seeing all the possibilities. You're not the only one who needs room to move, you know. The key for you is to find someone not unlike yourself. Your ideal partner will have similar freedom needs, and together, you'll be able to weave a relationship that provides both love and companionship, and the liberty to come and go at will.

Sun in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart

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