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Sun in Pisces

The Fish Gets Real

Kelli Fox

Yoo hoo! Pisces! Time to come back to Planet Earth now!

It's hard to drag yourself away from your own little world, where you prefer to hang out, but life is passing you by and you're missing out. In fact, this tendency of yours to disappear into your own fantasyland, to space out, to miss things altogether, is a major contributing factor to the relationship failures in your past. 'Gee,' you say. 'I didn't know they were a serial killer. They were always nice to me.'Pay a little more attention to the people you hook up with, and your luck in love will improve. You're gentle, sweet, nurturing and affectionate. You're willing to overlook a lot, and your self-image isn't as vigorous as it could be, so often you get stuck with people who don't deserve someone as special as you are. Pretend you're a Virgo for a little while. Make a (realistic!) list of qualities you'd like in your ideal lover. Then use it! If someone doesn't measure up, move on quickly. There are plenty of good fish out in your sea, Pisces. Find the best one, and hook 'em.

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  1. bec on December 14, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Exactly me to the T

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