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Sun in Gemini

Roving Eyes

Kelli Fox

Your ears are turned toward one person but your eyes are following another. How many relationships have you lost this way, Gemini? Then there are all the good ones that you let get away, because, who knew?

You were on a roll -- someone else even better could show up soon, and you wanted to be available. Oh yes, and then there's your legendary lack of commitment, not to mention your need for variety. Wow. No wonder there's such a string of broken hearts in your charming wake.What you need is a little taste of your own medicine, or, as Mother used to say, 'May you find someone just like yourself.' Hooking up with someone just as flirtatious and fun-loving as you are is likely to open your eyes a little bit. When you call them, they're out. And, you're not the only one they're dating. You connect well on the mental plane with this ideal lover of yours, and claim that their busy schedule isn't a problem for you. It's good to be on the other side of the fence for once, because suddenly you're more ready to commit than you've ever been before. Don't dilly-dally. Don't let this one get away.

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