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Sun in Cancer

Turtle Love

Kelli Fox

You're a picture of loyalty, and that's admirable. Once in a relationship -- not an easy task in itself, due to your shy and vulnerable nature -- you'd no sooner leave than you'd sell your favorite piece of furniture. Too bad you forgot to warn your sweetie about your 'cold spells.' You're not unlike a turtle; you're just fine as long as you feel safe and comfortable, basking in the sun, arms and legs stretched out.

But the moment anything happens, you snatch yourself inwards, withdraw under your shell, and there's no getting you out until you feel comfortable once again, at some undetermined point in the future. In real life, this translates to moodiness, cold shoulders and sealed lips, and it's no mystery why someone else would quickly get tired of such behavior.It's not so bad out here, Cancer. Your ideal partner will provide a warm and safe place for you to express your fears, but you'll never know that if you don't come out and try. It will take a big leap of faith, but it's one that will pay off in spades for you.

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