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Sun conjunct Pluto

Still Waters Run Deep

Kelli Fox

You may fool some of the people some of the time with that sedate, reserved exterior. Alert types, though, sense the passion seething right below your surface, and are drawn to you like a moth to the flame; and just as often they barely escape on scorched wings. A simple, casual affair is quite beyond you.

No, when your eye lands on someone and you identify an object of your desire, you're in it for good. That person pervades your awareness; you can't seem to get them out of your mind and heart. You may even feel, shall we say, obsessed. You'll need to be careful about coming on too strong. No really does mean no. Fortunately, you're blessed with tremendous inner strength, which comes in handy when you're developing the self-discipline needed to avoid obsessive behavior. Ditto jealous, possessive, controlling and/or manipulative behavior, too. Once you get all that under your belt, you bring an incredibly devoted, passionate and loyal self to offer the love of your dreams. Being bitten in the past doesn't mean you should withdraw from the game of love. After all, better to have loved and lost, as they say, than never to have loved at all. Though you may have been bruised, you've got the gumption to pick yourself up and try it again.

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