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Saturn square Uranus

Commitment Vs Freedom

Kelli Fox

You grabbed some real live wires when you hooked up with your past lovers, and you're still reeling from the effects -- electrified, yet stunned. Let's be honest: Your fidelity issues were on full display, yet you wouldn't commit. You worried that you couldn't trust your freewheeling sweetie.

You wondered what they were up to when you weren't there to watch. You may even have caught yourself doing a little more snooping than you actually felt comfortable with. The problem, of course, was in the time you spent together, not the time you were apart. If things had been really great between you, there'd have been no need to worry, right? So...what was the problem? Did your jealousy and insecurity tear you apart? Did you demand to hear 'I love you' when your mate wasn't in the mood to say it? Did you take off and try something on the side, fulfilling your own suspicions about your mate?Buckle yourself in and get ready to enjoy the ride. You're likely to choose lovers who will always like to shake things up. You may never get the calm security or steady commitment that you think you want. But another name for security is boredom, and you won't have any of that, either. Your ideal lover won't settle for anything less than passion and zing, and if you choose to stick around, that's just what you'll get.

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