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Saturn square Pluto

Insisting on Respect

Kelli Fox

When your past relationships were on, they were so on. You felt passionate and intense, attracted to your lovers beyond all reason -- which is probably why you acted like one possessed. On the other hand, when your pairings went south, things got very, very nasty.

Arguments erupted over things large and small: paying the bills, where to go to dinner, where your relationship was headed. You whined and sulked; your partner regarded you with unsympathetic distaste. You're not one to carry on emotionally, but something about those relationships brought out your weak, cringing, easily wounded side. It felt as if your lovers had all the power, and all you could do was cause irritation like a small stinging insect.If your partnerships are going to last, you simply must learn to give yourself the same respect you give your partner. Stop seeing yourself as unimportant and useless. Demand equal time and equal rights. You may think you're throwing everything away by standing up to your ideal lover, but paradoxically you'll win the love and respect you crave, which you never could and never will win by begging.

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