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Saturn square Neptune

Seeing What You Want to See

Kelli Fox

Romantic success seemed tantalizingly close so many times, yet always eluded you. Were you looking at things as they really were, or as you wished they were? There was something insubstantial in your pairings, something secret or unexpressed lurking right beneath the surface.

Did you or your partner have issues from the past that were never admitted to or worked through? Was one of you up to something secretive and unhealthy? Whatever the issues, they caused problems between you, problems you can't understand without owning up to exactly what went wrong. You thought you knew your partner, but you were wrong.Moving forward, take the time to get to know the next person you date. Talk about your feelings. What are each of you looking for in your relationship? What is it you need that you're not getting? And, most painfully, what parts of you do you fear are unlovable? It could turn out that your fears and anxieties are not grounded in reality. And in any case, you must let the real you be known if you are to be loved and accepted. Let your true self be seen. Do not fear that when you open up you'll be rejected. You have much love to give, and your ideal lover will have tender regard for you; letting that love in to your private, bruised parts will start a glorious healing process.

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