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Saturn quincunx Pluto

Enduring the Obstacles to Love

Kelli Fox

You've had a Romeo and Juliet thing going on in your love life: It seems as if all of your relationships have been doomed by circumstance. One of you was the mood to get closer while the other was distracted by things outside your pairing. Or, you and a potential lover were never single at the same time.

Or outside forces -- your family? geographical distance? -- kept you apart. Will the universe never line up and let you just be with someone in peace? If you feel as if your spirit is being tested, you're right. But how can you make it through the hard times unscathed?The key to weathering any rough patch lies in your ability to sacrifice. There's something you'll need to give up in order to move ahead. It's painful to give up something secure for something that seems unsettled and unreliable. But the only way you can move forward is to trust, to make a leap with the next suitable partner. There's something beautiful awaiting you on the other side; let go and believe in love. You can endure the obstacles, and the reward will be great.

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