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Saturn in Virgo

Chicken Little

Kelli Fox

When your past lovers inquired if you'd been tested for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that should have been a red flag for you. OK, maybe you're not obsessive-compulsive, or even a neat freak. But there's a perfectionist streak inside you that's a mile wide, and even the tidiest or hardest-working person might feel oppressed by your efforts to perform up to your own impossible standards.

Fastidiousness, after all, is not a virtue unless you're in a hospital or science lab, and no one but you expects you to ace that test every single time. The standards you hold for yourself are in the stratosphere, yet you struggle incessantly to fulfill them -- and if you can't, you throw a temper tantrum and then give up completely. The people who know you best can only sit back and shake their heads at you.You're not given to flights of fancy, that's for sure, but you could still lighten up a little. Stop worrying that people will think you're not good enough, or productive enough, or diligent enough. You trump everyone in those departments. Have a little faith in yourself! Once this happens, it will be easier to see the admiring glances that are cast your way. You've many fine qualities to offer if you could just learn to let things go a little bit. The sky won't fall, Chicken Little.

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