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Saturn in Taurus

Let Love Grow

Kelli Fox

You are so sure that there won't be enough (love, money, fill in the blank with anything you value) that you cling tenaciously to what little you do have and refuse to let it go. Funny thing is, both love and money like to flow, so when you've got a death grip on them, instead of flowering for you, they wither, and eventually the very thing you valued so much has evaporated from your life. And you ask yourself wonderingly, 'How on earth did that happen?'Your relationships?

Well, since you're so anxious about losing the love you have, however imperfect, you tend to stay in relationships long after they're over, simply out of habit, fear of moving on and a misplaced sense of loyalty. Besides that, if you got out of your current relationship, you'd need to get off your butt and find another one, and you don't particularly care for new things. You prefer the tried and true, the known and familiar, the comfort of established routine. New relationships mean compromise, adaptation, establishing new patterns, and you're not so good at that. So you carry on carrying on, ad nauseum. The solution? Loosen your death grip, and resources of all types will move through your life again, with little effort on your part.

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