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Saturn in Scorpio

Hiding in Plain Sight

Kelli Fox

Your main problem in relationships (keeping in mind that relationships are metaphors for life) is that you don't know when to quit. Your penetrating gaze and probing mind bored a hole in past lovers and left them exhausted. You asked them long strings of intense, suspicious questions: 'Where have you been?

With whom? What were you doing?' Often you grabbed the initiative in your aggressive questioning, which bore twin benefits: The spotlight was off you, and they never dared pepper you with the same insulting questions. How convenient!This intense relationship M.O. hides a whole litany of repressed energy. You're surprisingly stubborn, and resistant to new ideas and information. You may have some idiosyncrasies, such as working yourself to the bone, and you definitely learn lessons the hard way. Absolutely no one knows how easily your feelings get hurt. Somewhere down in that defensive, quivering heap of emotion is a soul who longs simply to love and be loved. Your ideal partner will hold the keys to unlocking the secret of your inner self.

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