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Saturn in Sagittarius

Believing Before Seeing

Kelli Fox

You know the old saying, 'I'll believe it when I see it'? Well, that's backwards! It should be 'I'll see it when I believe it.' This is precisely your problem: You are so skeptical, so pessimistic, so insistent on needing quantifiable data, that you miss things that are completely obvious to others, particularly in the realm of your beliefs and thought systems.

You can be quite traditional; fundamentalist, even. And your relationships? Well, it's complicated. You are actually attracted to people who are quite different from you, but often you're afraid to approach them. What should you say? How will you overcome your cultural differences? Romance may occur more in your head than it does in real life.Repeat to yourself: I'll see it when I believe it. Your power to manifest is quite extraordinary, actually; you've simply got to believe that about yourself! So, repeat your mantra. Slowly but surely, you'll find the climate around you is changing. Walk right up to that hot, exotic sweetie and introduce yourself. Whether you hit a home run or strikeout, you've at least stepped up to the plate.

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