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Saturn in Pisces

Use Your Imagination

Kelli Fox

You poor thing. You've convinced yourself that the world is a cold, cruel place to live. Everyone is out to get you, no one understands you, and you'd like to retire to a deserted island somewhere to live out your days in peace.

The only problem? The world needs you and your special brand of pragmatic compassion, nowhere more than in the realm of love. Trouble is, you're likely to draw people toward you who are far below your station in life. Needy people take an immediate shine to you; desperate folks line up for your attention. Please give up the notion that you've got to take care of everyone -- that's an impossible task that will suck the life right out of you. No one's back is that broad. You've got a great imagination, when you unleash it; you're perfectly capable of imagining that perfect lover and then drawing them your way. It's your negative belief that keeps you from love, and nothing more. You are a spiritual giant, so begin by looking for someone who shares your beliefs -- and someone who already takes care of themselves, so they won't need you to do it. Now you can begin an honest, loving relationship with an equal, which you so deserve.

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