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Saturn in Libra

So Respectable

Kelli Fox

Remember that old Rolling Stones song, 'Respectable'? It could have been written about you! Never a hair out of place, or a step out of line; that's you, all right.

You know the rules, and you stick to 'em. You make your schedule and stick to that too, and you do NOT miss appointments! Your tact, excellent social awareness, familiarity with protocol and ability to achieve consensus and cooperation are all exemplary. You sound so perfect; how can you possibly have any problems in your relationships? Well, Goody Two Shoes, here's how it is. Remember that old joke about what would happen if two perfect people got together? They'd soon murder each other! Can you blame your past partners for feeling besmirched and imperfect with you around? For wanting to muss up your flawless hair, or scramble some of your appointments? C'mon, lighten up! Throw convention to the wind for a little while and enjoy life more. You thrive in relationships, and when you commit, it's for life. Be wise in selecting a partner who will encourage you to step back and laugh at yourself from time to time.

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