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Saturn in Leo

You're Better than You Think

Kelli Fox

Your difficulties in love come not from without, but from within yourself. Instead of feeling confident in yourself, building a strong ego or developing your obvious capacity for leadership, you flog yourself constantly for not being good enough. When others compliment you, you don't believe them.

When someone indicates interest in you, you may not even notice it. Oddly enough, you may act as though you are quite superior to others, thus appearing stuck up and aloof. This mask of superiority is merely a defense mechanism, designed to throw others off the track. You're sure that they'll discover at any moment that you're a fraud.But you're not! Stop being so hard on yourself. Relax those elevated expectations and give yourself a break. In fact, you have an amazing amount to offer your ideal partner. If you will but open your heart a little for someone to love you, you'll immediately feel better. Bit by bit, love will flow stronger and stronger. You have an amazing capacity for love, commitment and loyalty. All you have to do is believe that it's possible.

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