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Saturn in Aries

Drill Sergeant

Kelli Fox

Ironic, isn't it? On the outside, you're all crusty, stern and authoritarian, not unlike a drill sergeant let loose on the world. Your severe expectations of yourself and others leaves folks cringing and feeling terrorized when you're around, and even you are not immune to your own cold, brutal manner.

This outer hardness belies an easily wounded, hypersensitive inner being who is terrified of failure, of not being good enough; your bravado masks a fear of being all alone, for who, you think, would want to be around you for the long term? You fear loneliness, yet you create the very circumstances that make it a near certainty.Has this messed with your love life? You bet it has. It's a rare lover who wants to be bossed around all the time, especially when you give so precious little of yourself emotionally. It's going to be difficult, but in order to find success in romance, you're going to have to throw caution to the wind, at least for a little while, and invite another into your inner chambers -- and that doesn't mean the bedroom. Once you get a taste of a true partnership, your insistence on being alone and independent will diminish, leaving room for that ideal partner who is worth the sacrifice.

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