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Saturn in Aquarius

New Possibilities

Kelli Fox

You live in your head so much that many opportunities for romance may pass you right by, without your even noticing them. Your focus is on the future and your efforts are extended to make the world a better place for all; very admirable goals, no doubt. But where's the love?

You've got a million friends; surely one of them could be upgraded to a lover. Perhaps you're one of those people whose view of the future is so bleak that you feel relationships are hopeless. After all, who can enjoy romance when the world is going to hell in a hand basket?Hey, lighten up, egghead! The world isn't such a bad place. There's plenty of good to go around, including lots and lots of love. Your job is to loosen your grip on life just a little and find ways to enjoy it. Spend more time socializing. Learn to recognize it when someone flirts with you -- get help from a friend in this department, if you need it. A whole new arena could open up for you when you enter the field of love, for romance will illuminate the future for you in ways you've never believed possible. Let hope bloom in your heart.

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