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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Boxed Lightning

Kelli Fox

You're a real mixed bag, aren't you? On the one hand you long for good old romantic tradition: a courtship followed by marriage, followed by kids and a dog and a white picket fence. On the other hand, you're always struggling to break free from the expectations of your family and society, and blaze your own trail through life.

As much as you long for a traditional romance, you also feel hemmed in by it. Schizoid? Yes! Confusing for your partners? You bet! And to be honest, it's not easy living inside your skin, what with all the contrary emotions you feel everyday.You won't get the commitment you crave by squeezing your partner harder. Instead, you must learn to tread lightly. Let freedom reign. There is much excitement and breathless joy in your ideal pairing, but it may never be as reliable as you'd like. No matter. With calmness comes tedium, and that's never been your scene. Embrace the tumult. Accept your ideal lover's unpredictable nature; it's a reflection of your own.

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