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Pluto unaspected

Power Play

Kelli Fox

There may be some dark corners of your personality that haunt you and which you're sure would shock others, if only they knew the truth about you. You scare yourself, sometimes, with the dark thoughts and images that come into your head. With all this free-floating power, relationships can be kind of dicey.

They become the perfect arena for your power issues, and that does not usually make for the healthiest connection. Your past lovers might have stood up to you in epic battles of will, or you two might have developed a power-over/power-under situation. In any event, by now you've probably got some real relationship issues to deal with. You fear that you'll get involved in similar dangerous dynamics. Just know that awareness is a big part of the solution to the problem. If you're hyper-vigilant about power plays and ask your partner to participate, you'll be well on your way toward the deeply transformative relationship you so crave.

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