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Pluto in Cancer

Family Values

Kelli Fox

Yours is a generation that was steeped in tradition so deep it was very difficult to escape from it. The term 'family values' sums it up nicely. Gender roles were laid out at an early age, and it was a rare person who escaped from them -- and those who did step outside traditional gender roles had a definite price to pay.

Most people married young and got busy right away on their families.And boy, did that affect your love life! Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who found your true love early and managed to build a marriage that lasted. If so, congratulations! But you also may have been in the group that decided, after extended relationships, to give up an unhappy partnership for something you hoped would be more fulfilling. Results may have been mixed. No matter what happens romantically in your life, remember that it's almost impossible to ignore the traditions in which you were raised.

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