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No oppositions

What a Relief!

Kelli Fox

While every couple has to deal constantly, if subtly, with the question of 'who's on top,' issues like power, control, passive-aggressiveness and outright aggression can seriously undermine the intimacy of a love relationship. Clearly, with issues like these in your birth chart, you'd have a whole host of relationship issues to deal with! Except -- and this is good news -- whatever your issues are with control and aggression, at least you can recognize them.

Some people have issues that are so intense and integral to their personalities that they have no perspective on the fact that they have a problem at all. They think everyone else is the problem, even when their behavior is a clear pattern that runs through all their personal relationships. But that's not your issue, and what a relief! While you might have some seriously difficult baggage to deal with, such as problems with authority or repressed anger, you also have the self-awareness that's needed to recognize those issues and work on changing your behavior and perspective for the better.

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