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Neptune unaspected

A Perfect World

Kelli Fox

If only other people could see what goes on in your head, they'd be very surprised! Half the time you're not even aware what goes on inside your head, so removed are you from your fantasies. Your relationships consist of two main components: the ones that exist only in your imagination, and the ones that exist in real life but which are still largely a figment of your imagination.

Sound hard to believe? Your fantasy life, dreams and ideals are so marked and strong, and your ability to observe, divert or diminish them is so weak, that it's inevitable that your love life will be affected by them. You rarely see another person as they truly are; instead, you see what you want to see. When your rosy picture comes crashing to the ground in the face of their human frailty, you are always disappointed. Won't you learn? No one is perfect, so stop expecting them to be, even in your fantasies.

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