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Neptune in Libra

In Love with Love

Kelli Fox

Rarely has a generation so idealized relationships in general, or had a more unrealistic view of themselves and the work required for a successful relationship. Born into a highly idealized television world of 'Ozzie and Harriet' and 'Father Knows Best,' you and your generation were brought up to believe that marriage solved all problems and always led to a happy life. What a rude awakening you had when your illusions were illuminated in the day-to-day reality of mundane details and disappointment.

And the soaring divorce rate revealed that you weren't the only person who was disappointed!By now, you've got a more realistic view of relationships and how you personally contribute to their success or failure. And you're clear that you deserve a decent, loving relationship, an ideal that you are loathe to relinquish for the duration of this lifetime.

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