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Moon unaspected

Feelings? What Feelings?

Kelli Fox

You do have emotions, but they're rather free-floating and often don't seem to connect to anything in particular. You may often feel misunderstood, and you frequently don't understand other people's actions or motivations, either. This is particularly problematic when you're in an intimate relationship, because you so often just don't get where the other person is coming from or what they're feeling, even when they try to explain it to you.

You often feel detached from your Significant Other, yet you're somehow surprised when they complain about that. When they whine that you're cold and unfeeling, you shrug your shoulders. To you, compassion and emotion aren't a benefit. After all, your thinking and your decisions aren't swayed by silly, changeable emotions. If only everyone could be like you; then the world would be a much less emotional place. Keep in mind, though, that opinions may diverge on whether this is a positive thing or not! You're going to be happiest with someone who is not overly emotional, a person who can form a close mental connection with you. You two won't be bogged down by heavy hearts.

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