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Moon in Virgo

Modest Love

Kelli Fox

You want things how you want them, and you can't help it if that's just the way you are. Others will just have to get over it. And they have -- or else, they've gotten over you.

It's not everyone who can keep up with your quest for perfection, and the ones who can are worth their weight in gold. So keep them. And what about the past partners who just couldn't get behind your need to have it 'just so'? Well it's time to let them go! Break those emotional ties, the ones that keep whispering that somehow, it might work out. If they don't want to be there, let them go. Focus on building the relationships you already have and utilizing your incredible sense of discernment to ferret out other likely candidates for friends and lovers. You've a sensitivity and humility that is both charming and sincere. You deserve to have good friends and enduring love. Others want to love you; don't make it impossible for them by viewing only their imperfections instead of their strengths. It's all a matter of focus. Concentrate on what's good and you'll attract nothing but the best to yourself.

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