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Moon in Taurus

A Warm Fuzzy

Kelli Fox

'Peel me a grape and bring me a bonbon!' In your heart of hearts, this would be your call to arms as you settled in next to the chocolate dispenser, on your plush furniture, dressed in a soft silk kimono, your bare feet buried in a soft, expensive carpet. It would be a challenge to find another being as sensual and indulgent as you. Or as warm, affectionate and loving.

Not to mention loyal, dependable and patient. You're just one big Warm Fuzzy. What could be bad about that?Not much, actually. Oh, you may have a few tiny faults. You're incredibly pokey, for one thing. That's S-L-O-W. That's just the way you are and it's annoying to others. It takes an act of Parliament to get you up in the morning, and on weekends, forget it. You're sleeping in, no matter what your partner wanted to do. And exercise? How about a walk to the soda fountain? Then there's the small matter of your emotional inflexibility. Once set, your feelings are hard to change; you may be loyal to someone who doesn't deserve it, or conversely, turn your back on someone very worthy of your warmth.

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