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Moon in Scorpio

Guarded Emotions

Kelli Fox

You guard your true feelings so carefully, its as if they were a treasure hidden behind walls. You'll divulge them to someone worthy enough; someone who has spent hours digging through your psyche asking all the right questions. This brave soul will earn the Holy Grail of your emotional truth; the number of people who accomplish this task will number less than the fingers on one hand, or possibly no fingers at all.

What are you hiding from? Why submerge your emotions so completely and thoroughly? Why do you make it so difficult to know you? Especially when you long so achingly for a true, intimate partner. Someone who will look into your eyes and your soul, see the real you and not flinch. Someone who will love you completely and forever. Your ideal partner will possess these qualities, and will be able to open up their soul to you as well. You can build a solid foundation together that will stand the travails of time and experience. You have much depth, love and loyalty to offer someone; don't hide them away.

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