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Moon in Sagittarius

Need for Freedom

Kelli Fox

If one thing can be said about you, it's that you're never boring. You're adventurous, humorous and full of fun. You'll talk to just about anyone, a trait that has earned you innumerable friends from all over the world; the further away they're from, the more interested you are!

But that wandering eye of yours has left your past lovers feeling mighty uncomfortable. They knew how you operated, and how easily fascinated you could become with any new and interesting someone. You couldn't blame them for their darting glances and pinched brows when you came home late, yet again. It's not that you'd ever cheat on purpose, either. But when they gave you that suspicious look, your rebellious, freedom-loving part would have none of it. So you gave cursory, incomplete answers even when you had nothing to hide. How weird was that? A much better policy is pure honesty. Don't interpret every question as a threat to your freedom; it's just a question! Answer their questions about what you were up to in a lighthearted, truthful way. Then ask sincerely about their day. That way, you'll both enjoy each other a lot better.

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