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Moon in Pisces

Barely There

Kelli Fox

The world is just too much for you to take sometimes, you poor, sensitive thing. No wonder you often feel like crawling into a hole somewhere and never coming out. There, there, dear.

This will never do. Come on out and brush yourself off, stand up, take a deep breath, and try again. You have too much love in your poor battered heart to keep it all to yourself and your cats. The key to your future success is twofold: Pick better people, and buck up a little bit. You are sensitive -- there's no getting around it. Your feelings get hurt oh-so-easily. So part of your mission is to build up your emotional strength a little. Learn to build a psychic defense around yourself when you're in unpleasant situations, and most importantly, don't take everything so personally. Let things roll off you more, like water rolls off a duck. And stop being so awfully nice! This invites people to you who will take advantage of you. If you learn to recognize these mooches before they infiltrate your psyche, you can deflect them, getting rid of them with a few choice words. Preserve your delicious love for someone who can and will return it to you in kind.

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