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Moon in Libra

Emotional Indecision

Kelli Fox

When someone asks you to explain how you truly, deeply feel about something, you're like a deer caught in the headlights. Your true feelings are buried under layers of mental reasoning, logic, arguments for both sides -- or all sides -- of an issue. You do fine explaining what's in your head, but not so well at articulating what's in your heart.

You can't decide how you feel about things! You keep one or more lovers stringing along, not committing but also refusing to let go. You date more than one person at a time and then can't, or won't, choose between them. You have a hard time saying no to anything in the unspoken desire to keep all options open.You're very nice, but all this vacillating leaves others in a tizzy. You've got to get over this fear that you're going to hurt other people's feelings. It's not like they're going to shrivel up and die if you don't agree with them, after all. So what are you afraid of? That they won't like you anymore? Don't be silly. No one expects to get along perfectly with anyone else, much less everyone. That's a dream that exists only inside your head.

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