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Moon in Leo

Love Light

Kelli Fox

You're special, and you've never understood why you have to wait in line just like everyone else. Why couldn't you just be first? As long as you could have that, you'd be happy.

And as long as you were happy, you wouldn't pout or make a scene. Your previous partners figured out this dynamic early on, and if they stuck around, they got used to bowing to your various demands, however unreasonable, simply in order to avoid the negative consequences if you didn't get what you wanted. Meanwhile, you got really used to getting what you wanted.We know you didn't mean to act so immaturely. And sooner or later, you realize why it drives good people away from you. At this point, you'll learn to enjoy standing in line with everyone else, and let your specialness radiate out in the way you stand, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself. Your heart is full of warmth and tenderness, loyalty and love. Let your love shine, and it will reflect back to you in the face of others.

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