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Moon in Gemini

Fleeting Feelings

Kelli Fox

It's a wonder that you're able to catch your breath, what with all the talking you do. Has your racing mind ever paused long enough to wonder what went wrong with your previous relationships? Might the problem have been, perhaps, related to the fact that they felt they could never get a word in edgewise?

That you dominated each and every conversation (or should it be called a monologue?), and that they got tired of wrestling you for the microphone? Of course if you were busy talking all the time, you couldn't listen to anything your partners had to say. That was probably Complaint Number Two on their list. Your feelings are as fleeting as your tongue: They come, they go, they don't hang around for long. You may like to talk about them but you rarely express how you deeply, truly feel, and you don't understand it when others talk about deep emotions, either. Feelings are a foreign language: strange at first, but with practice, you can learn to speak this tongue.

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