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Moon in Aries

Peter Pan

Kelli Fox

No matter what your gender, there's something of Peter Pan in you. Eternally youthful, terribly impatient, shy of commitment, flitting from here to there, always chasing your shadow; you're awfully hard to pin down, much to the frustration of those around you, and most notably your previous partners. Oh, your intentions are good enough.

You start the day and commence on several projects, none of which get carried out to completion. You leave messes all around and wonder why others get irritated with you. Relationships follow the same pattern; the beginnings are good, but you soon peter out, no pun intended! Your energy comes in fits and starts, leaving your partner holding the bag far too often.There's nothing here a little focus and discipline won't fix. Breathe deeply, slow down a little bit and you'll feel better. Your temper will improve and you'll be much more patient, which means other people respond to you better. Your verve, warmth, playfulness and enthusiasm are all attractive qualities, so it only takes a little attitude adjustment to make a whole lot of difference in your appeal.

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