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Moon in Aquarius

Detached from Feelings

Kelli Fox

It's shocking how fast you can detach from someone you thought you loved. Shocking to them, anyway. Perhaps not to you, because in your relationship history, close emotional relationships are the exception, not the rule.

So when you outgrow a connection, get bored with someone or just feel like moving on, you drop them. No muss, no fuss. At least not from your end! But you should pause a minute and take a look at the trail of crumpled up lovers you've tossed out in your wake. It might shock you. You see, other people develop emotional attachments to each other and to you. When you throw them out with yesterday's trash, their feelings get hurt. They're wounded, sometimes for a long time. There are consequences that you rarely consider, since the realm of emotions is such a foreign area to you. Not that another person's feelings would ever influence you; but in the future, at least let them down lightly. Don't dismiss them with just a wave of your hand. They deserve more respect than that, and you'll learn a lot by giving up. Perhaps your ideal lover is someone who doesn't get too emotionally involved.

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