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Mercury square Saturn

School of Hard Knocks

Kelli Fox

Let's face it, you like to do things the hard way. You're a paragon of focus and concentration, and frankly, the furrow in your brow isn't all that attractive. Your love life's been going downhill for some time, and there's a reason: You keep choosing lovers who can meet you eye-to-eye intellectually, but who are a bit chilly.

You interpret their standoffish behavior as a judgment on you, but this says more about you than it does about them. You're far too vulnerable to criticism and negative thinking, taking things personally that aren't meant that way.It doesn't have to be like this. You actually enjoy being challenged, and your ideal lover will provide you with plenty of stimulation on every level. Much will be demanded of you, and you'll have to work hard to deliver. This will polish you, like a rock eroded by a powerful river. No one ever said growth was fun! And grow you will, though you'll remain ever insecure about where your relationship is going. Try to relax a bit, and just enjoy the ride. You're well-placed for the future if you can engage in meaningful communication.

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