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Mercury quincunx Saturn

Not a Kid Anymore

Kelli Fox

Remember when you were a kid and you misbehaved and your parents would lecture you? They'd rant on and on until you wanted to jump out a window. Does this seem to describe your past partners, too?

They seemed more like a teacher (or yeah, a parent) than an equal, and naturally, it bugged you. You don't like anyone telling you what to do, or more importantly, what not to do. You chafed under the surveillance, and finally wriggled away altogether. After all, you signed up for a love relationship, not life lessons.Keep looking. You don't want a tissue-paper relationship you can just toss away without thinking. You want something solid, something real, and you're going to find it. In your quest, you might try being a little less childish and remembering that often, the only reason your lovers try to guide you is concern. Stop rebelling like the kid you once were. Buckle down and start delivering your very best in all areas of your life. Only then will you make the most of yourself and be ready for the next round of romance.

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