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Mercury quincunx Jupiter


Kelli Fox

Have communication problems plagued your previous partnerships? Has one lover after another informed you curtly that you just don't listen? That you only hear what you want you hear?

If you're perfectly honest with yourself, you know it's true. Think of the innumerable times when you've come to your senses only to find that your lover's lips were moving while your mind was a million miles away. You quickly fill in the blanks of their conversation, often incorrectly. You're so sure you know what they're going to say that you don't listen to what they actually do say. And how long do you expect someone to put up with that?It's not that you feel good about this bad habit of yours, and that's a start. You're going to have to get up to speed on your communication skills -- actually, make that 'listening skills.' Mental focus and discipline is not your natural forte, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Close relationships are the perfect place to start. Next time you cozy up to someone attractive, make it a point to listen twice as much as you talk. After all, you've got two ears and only one mouth.

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