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Mercury opposite Uranus

An Independent Thinker

Kelli Fox

You just love to shock people, don't you? You'll take on the role of Devil's Advocate, expressing views you don't even hold, just to stir up trouble. You rock with glee when a lover turns apoplectic as you deliver another bombshell with your deadpan delivery.

Fun as your subversive attitude may be, it's hell on your love life. One after another, lovers have come and gone, attracted at first by your genius and novel way of looking at the world, repelled later by the outrageous things you say to anyone at anytime. Just being around you gave them a nervous tick. Who knew what you might say next?In order to succeed at love, you need to pre-qualify new contestants to find one whose thinking is as original as yours. Once you find a suitable candidate, the solution is to team up instead of competing for the 'Most Outrageous' prize. Find some projects you can tackle together. Are there classes you can take? New interests you can immerse yourself in? Surely you have ambitions in common. Allow your stimulating lover to stoke your fires in another realm of your life besides the physical. Together the two of you can accomplish much, and have a great time doing it.

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